MOCKS AND MONKS: My Publishing Journey

It’s another day of editing. Guess what, I found some plot holes. It was embarrassing having read and read this word so many times. But guess it is best part of being a writer and editor at the same time. I have fixed the plot holes anyway. It wasn’t easy, because it kinda affected the whole story but i am doing just fine still. I just hope some modern day monks won’t sue me after reading the work for telling too much about them. LOl…I am just a writer…In fact it is fiction…all of it, but with a little big load of facts…lol. BTW, below is a snippet. Enjoy. ******“The wise are called wise because they don’t talk about what they are not sure of,” Anozie said. His grey hairs glittered in the reflection of the light in the room. He stared at his colleagues and smiled at their young… Continue Reading

MOCKS AND MONKS: The Truth Behind The Hood

This story, or rather book, because it has been completed long time ago, has been on my laptop for over a year now. I shared some episodes on my website but stopped. Someone people wanted to kill me then, good and lovely kind of killing for stopping. But refused to die. Lol. God news for you all. The book is going to be published this year. It would be on the major online shops both on ebook and paperback format. Don’t say hardcopy, because na the reason why e delay be for long. I will start with softcopy and Amazon paperback, however that is done, I go learn am. And when money comes in, the hardcopy go come in, on a very much discounted price for everyone that bought the ebook. However, I have started the final editing process and would send it out to the publishers once i… Continue Reading


The depression that kills doesn’t get you all moody and sad and eager to die. No. It lets you enjoy life. It gives you a constant smiling face. It makes you lively and sociable so that whenever you try talking to your friends about how depressed you really are, they will shut you down. Which is not their fault, after all, you are the one powering the groove generator amongst them. Sometimes it gives you this euphoric energy and wisdom and you see yourself advising others on that very thing you’re suffering from. As messy as it gets, you would hear testimonies of how your words spoke live and joy into their lives, restoring their lost zeal to live. It paints you up like a fake broken sculpture patched with shinny wax, placed at the centre of a museum. Everyone gets attracted to it, wishing to take it home, but… Continue Reading

I DO, YOU DIE: Episode 15

A knock on the door and Mary jerked up from the sofa. She glanced at the clock and it was seven-thirty pm. She hastened to the door and unlocked it, seeing no need to ask who it was. But her heart sank inside when she saw Yagazie standing by the door, all smiles. She chuckled as tension gripped her. Less concerned about the multiple expressions struggling for survival on her face, Yagazie drew her into his arms for a long and warm embrace. He felt her heart quaking, imaginarily pushing him out. He broke the hug and stared into her eyes. “What is wrong?” She shook her head. There was no way she could tell him that she wasn’t expecting him, or that she was expecting the same lady she denied two weeks ago. She drew him into the house and locked the door. Before Yagazie could ask the same… Continue Reading

Voices By Emmiasky Ojex

With those voices whispering doubts and despair to you. With those friends telling you NO when you think YES. With you telling YOU quit when everything has been tried and failed, EMMAIASKY OJEX, our newest Contributor has got some poetically encouraging words for you.

Read and drop your comments. Continue Reading

I DO, YOU DIE: Episode 14

Munachi opened the entrance door and walked in. Their house has been a quiet zone since the incomplete dinner. But today was going to be different because she believed the news she bore, would cheer not only her mother up but also her father. As she thud her bag on the dining table, sniffing the aroma of fried rice, she paced towards the kitchen. “You are back early.” Theresa said, stirring her pot of soup.  “It’s past six, mum. I came back late.” She opened the first pot and her face wore a disappointed look. She opened the second pot and got more disappointed. Then she paused, stared at her mother who was focused stirring the soup on fire like it would burn if she stopped stirring.“Where is it?” “Where is what?” She kept stirring. “Where is the fried rice?” “What friend rice? Oh!” She sighed. “That was your father’s… Continue Reading

I DO, YOU DIE: Episode 13

I DO, YOU DIE: Episode 13 Since meeting with Lori, Mary’s caller tone became her greatest fear. Whenever her phone rang, her heart beat hastily along the tone. It got worse and she removed the tone, leaving only the vibration. But that was the worst, for once; the phone fell off her hand while she was attending to a customer. Then she switched it to silent mood. She wasn’t ready to talk to Lori, let alone meet her. With two weeks gone, she figured she has either left town or decided to give her the space she needed. Slowly, her fear settled and she started worrying about her in-laws whom she has not heard any positive news from. Yagazie, in his diminishing calls and affection, assured her everything was fine, although she could feel that nothing was fine. Afraid of sounding bugging and pushy, she believed him, but deep inside… Continue Reading

I DO, YOU DIE: Episode 12

I DO, YOU DIE: Episode 12 Mary ran her hand through her hair, feeling cold and hot at the same time. Lori was trouble, and with the strings she just pulled, she knew she has not changed. She glanced at Yagazie, he was reading the menu. She sighed, calming her strained nerves. “Na wah ooo!” Lori said as she approached Yagazie. “People dey resemble each other shaa.” She smiled amidst her perfect pidgin English rendition. Yagazie reciprocated. “Sorry for that misunderstanding. I been think say na my old friend wey lost. But no be she. She just resemble her, very well.”  She paused for a response which came only as a smile and a nod. “Anyway, take care of your wife-to-be, she seems like a good person.” With emphasis on the wife-to-be she walked out. “Can you believe it?” Mary approached the table, having calmed herself down. “If not that… Continue Reading

I DO, YOU DIE: Episode 11

I am sorry for the long break without notice. It was due to something beyond my control. But i am back now and our series will continue. Thank you for understanding. I DO, YOU DIE: Episode 11 Mary stood, staring at Lori’s face. She wasn’t entirely shocked she showed up from nowhere. After baring herself before Yagazie, she was prepared to deal with whatever her past would bring, but with Lori’s sudden appearance and unconstrained blabs before Yagazie, she wasn’t sure her preparation was enough. She glanced at Yagazie across the table and their eyes met. He nodded with a smile before returning to the menu list in his hand. She sighed, and in a quick thought, rebooted her brain, creating and test running various options on how best to calm the situation without losing the trust of her love. Slowly, she placed her bum on the seat, raged. “What… Continue Reading


WHAT MAMA NEVER TOLD ME The first time I noticed a hair on my private, I was just eleven. I had just been enrolled our community’s secondary school. Mama said it was the best compare to the boarding schools my friends dispersed to. I knew she was lying, but I didn’t argue. She didn’t have the money to send me to one of those fancy schools, otherwise, I would have been the first to buy the form. And since she couldn’t do that, she decided to give me fake hope to at least make me feel good, like Dolly Parton felt in her mother coat of many colors. The hairs were brown. I remembered because it reminded me of Papa Ejima’s front hair as he circles the dusty roads of our town on his Okada business during dry season. The only different was its scanty nature. Unlike Papa Ejima’s that… Continue Reading